Government as business

The time has come for all citizens to take a look at what our government has evolved into. The Government's, that run our lives, have turned into business. On all levels the government has instilled fees to work product we pay taxes for them to provide. It is a continually evolving policy that government may make us pay to are own detriment.

We need to know what we are paying government, on all levels, to do. We need to have access to the information that govern our lives. Granted some individuals may chose not to exercise that right, but that does not deter the right. For we are founded on the principal that "government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from this earth." Abraham Lincoln

If government is allowed to sell their services we will not be able to control the workings of the bureaucracies. Please let us start now. There is a new technology that empowers the people. Let us use this technology to reestablish the principle that Lincoln, so elegantly reaffirmed, before it is to late.

Lee Martin