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Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri
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Rule 41. General

Rule 41.01 Rules When Applicable
Rule 41.02 Rules Authority For Statutes Superseded
Rule 41.03 Rules Construction
Rule 41.04 Rules When Not Applicable Procedure
Rule 41.05 Rules Definitions
Rule 41.06 Rules Application To Pending Actions
Rule 41.07 Pleadings And Papers Size Recycled Paper

Rule 42. Form Of Civil Action

Rule 42.01 One Form Of Action

Rule 43. Service And Filing Of Pleadings And Papers

Rule 43.01 Service Of Pleadings And Other Papers
Rule 43.02 Filing Of Pleadings And Other Papers

Rule 44. Time

Rule 44.01 Time, Computation Of Extension Expiration Of Term Service Of Motions

Rule 45. Courts Always Open

Rule 45.01 Courts Always Open For Certain Purposes

Rule 46. Clerk's Duties And Powers

Rule 46.01 Clerk's Office, Open When Motions And Proceedings Grantable By Clerk

Rule 47. Terms Of Court

Rule 47.01 Term Of Court Shall Convene And Expire How And When

Rule 48. Vacation And Judicial Sales

Rule 48.01 Vacation Construction Judicial Sales, When Held

Rule 49. Forms Of Writs And Other Process

Rule 49.01 Forms Promulgated By This Court

Rule 50. Rules Of Missouri Court Of Appeals And Trial Courts

Rule 50.01 Rules Of Court Of Appeals And Trial Courts Copy To Clerk Of This Court Distribution

Rule 51. Venue, Including Change Of Venue And Change Of Judge

Rule 51.01 Jurisdiction And Venue Not Affected
Rule 51.02 Change Of Venue By Agreement
Rule 51.03 Change Of Venue From Inhabitants As Matter Of Right In Counties Of Seventy-Five Thousand Or Less Inhabitants Procedur
Rule 51.04 Change Of Venue From Inhabitants For Cause Procedure
Rule 51.05 Change Of Judge Procedure
Rule 51.06 Joint Application For Change Of Venue And Change Of Judge When Required Procedure
Rule 51.07 When Judge Disqualified Without Application
Rule 51.08 Pleadings Need Not Be Completed Before Change Of Venue Is Ordered
Rule 51.09 Clerk To Transmit File After Change Of Venue
Rule 51.10 Clerk To File And Docket Civil Action When Transferred
Rule 51.11 Change Of Venue And Change Of Judge Costs How Taxed
Rule 51.12 Failure Of Clerk To Transmit, Or Loss Of, Record Proceedings
Rule 51.13 Order Of Change Of Venue May Be Annulled, When
Rule 51.14 Jurisdiction Of Judge And Court In Civil Actions Removed
51.15 Disqualification Of Family Court Commissioner

Rule 52. Parties

Rule 52.01 Civil Actions In Whose Name Prosecuted Suits In Representative Capacity Civil Actions In Name Of State Real Party In
Rule 52.02 Civil Actions By And Against Minors And Mentally Or Physically Infirm
Rule 52.03 Parties To Civil Action When Claim For Relief Accrues Under Law Of Another State Proceeds, How Distributed
Rule 52.04 Joinder Of Persons Needed For Just Adjudication
Rule 52.05 Who May Join As Plaintiff And Defendant Protective Orders, When
Rule 52.06 Misjoinder And Nonjoinder Of Parties
Rule 52.07 Interpleader
Rule 52.08 Class Actions
Rule 52.09 Derivative Actions By Shareholders
Rule 52.10 Actions Relating To Unincorporated Associations
Rule 52.11 Third-Party Practice
Rule 52.12 Intervention
Rule 52.13 Substitution Of Parties Dismissal

Rule 53. Commencement Of Civil Action

Rule 53.01 Commencement Of Civil Action

Rule 54. Issuance And Service Of Summons Or Other Process

Rule 54.01 Clerk To Issue Process Separate Or Additional Summons
Rule 54.02 Summons Shall Be Signed By Clerk
Rule 54.03 Service Of Process Within The State By Whom [Repealed]
Rule 54.04 Summons Service
Rule 54.05 Deputies Acting For Clerk Or Sheriff
Rule 54.06 Service Outside The State On Persons, Firms Or Corporations Who Do Certain Acts In This State
Rule 54.07 Service Outside The State On Persons Domiciled In Or Residents Of This State
Rule 54.08 Service On Nonresident Motorists Or Nonresident Watercraft Owners Or Operators
Rule 54.09 Service Of Foreign Corporations
Rule 54.10 Service On Insurance Companies Not Authorized To Do Business In This State
Rule 54.11 Service On Resident Or Nonresident Motor Carrier
Rule 54.12 Service In Rem Or Quasi In Rem Civil Actions
Rule 54.13 Personal Service Within The State
Rule 54.14 Personal Service Outside The State
Rule 54.15 Service On Secretary Of State, Secretary Of Public Service Commission And Director Of Insurance
Rule 54.16 Acknowledgment Of Service By Mail
Rule 54.17 Service By Publication [Repealed]
Rule 54.18 Service Authorized By Statute
Rule 54.19 Provisions No Bar To Personal Service In State
Rule 54.20 Proof Of Service
Rule 54.21 Time For Service And Return
Rule 54.22 Court May Allow Process, Return Or Proof Of Service To Be Amended, When

Rule 55. Pleadings And Motions

Rule 55.01 Pleading Required
Rule 55.02 Caption Of Pleading What Set Forth
Rule 55.03 Signing Of Pleadings, Motions And Other Papers; Representations To Court; Sanctions
Rule 55.04 Technical Forms Not Required In Pleading
Rule 55.05 Pleading Setting Forth Claims For Relief Shall Contain What
Rule 55.06 Joinder Of Claims And Remedies
Rule 55.07 Defenses Form Of Denials
Rule 55.08 Affirmative Defenses
Rule 55.09 Failure To Deny, Effect
Rule 55.10 Pleading In Alternative Consistency
Rule 55.11 Averments, How Made
Rule 55.12 Adoption Of Statements By Reference Exhibits
Rule 55.13 Averments As To Capacity Or Authority Of Parties To Sue Or Be Sued
Rule 55.14 Partnership Deemed Confessed, Unless Denied
Rule 55.15 Particularity Required In All Averments Of Fraud Or Mistake
Rule 55.16 Averments And Denial Of Conditions Precedent
Rule 55.17 Official Documents Or Acts Form Of Pleading
Rule 55.18 Judgments And Decisions Form Of Pleading
Rule 55.19 Special And Punitive Damages
Rule 55.20 Libel And Slander Averments Defenses
Rule 55.21 Pleading A Private Statute Or Right Derived Therefrom, And Judicial Notice Of Law Of Other States
Rule 55.22 Pleading Written Instrument
Rule 55.23 Execution Of Written Instrument Deemed Confessed When
Rule 55.24 Pleadings, How Construed
Rule 55.25 Time Of Pleading
Rule 55.26 Motions, Form Of
Rule 55.27 Defenses And Objections How Presented By Pleading Or Motion Motion For Judgment On The Pleadings
Rule 55.28 Evidence On Motions
Rule 55.29 Place Of Hearing And Acts In Chambers
Rule 55.30 Times And Places For Hearing Motions To Be Established Submission On Written Statements Without Oral Hearing
Rule 55.31 Objection That No Demand Has Been Made Not Available, When
Rule 55.32 Counterclaim And Cross-Claim
Rule 55.33 Amended And Supplemental Pleadings
Rule 55.34 Remand Of Case Removed To Federal Court


Rule 56. General Provisions Governing Discovery

Rule 56.01 General Provisions Governing Discovery

Rule 57. Interrogatories And Depositions

Rule 57.01 Interrogatories To Parties
Rule 57.02 Depositions Before Action Or Pending Appeal
Rule 57.03 Depositions Upon Oral Examination
Rule 57.04 Depositions Upon Written Questions
Rule 57.05 Persons Before Whom Depositions May Be Taken
Rule 57.06 Commissioner For Deposition
Rule 57.07 Use Of Depositions In Court Proceedings
Rule 57.08 Depositions For Use In Foreign Jurisdictions
Rule 57.09 Subpoena For Taking Deposition
Rule 57.10 Taxing And Certifying Costs

Rule 58. Production Of Documents And Things And Entry Upon Land For Inspection And Other Purposes

Rule 58.01 Production Of Documents And Things And Entry Upon Land For Inspection And Other Purposes

Rule 59. Admission Of Facts And Of Genuineness Of Documents

Rule 59.01 Request For And Effect Of Admissions

Rule 60. Physical And Mental Examination Of Persons

Rule 60.01 Examination And Report

Rule 61. Enforcement Of Discovery: Sanctions

Rule 61.01 Failure To Make Discovery: Sanctions

Rule 62. Pre-Trial Conferences

Rule 62.01 Pre-Trial Procedure; Formulating Issues

Rule 63. Trial Settings

Rule 63.01 Trial Settings Single-Judge Circuits
Rule 63.02 Trial Settings Multiple-Judge Circuits

Rule 64. Trial, Where Conducted

Rule 64.01 All Trials Upon The Merits Shall Be Conducted In Open Court [Repealed]

Rule 65. Continuances

Rule 65.01 Court May Continue A Civil Action To A Fixed Day
Rule 65.02 Continuance In Civil Actions Against Nonresidents
Rule 65.03 Application For Continuance, How Made
Rule 65.04 Applications For A Continuance On Account Of Absence Of Witnesses Shall Show What
Rule 65.05 Affidavit For Continuance Amendment Admission Of Facts Set Forth
Rule 65.06 Continuance When Counsel Is Member Of General Assembly [Repealed]

Rule 66. Consolidation Of Civil Actions And Separate Trials

Rule 66.01 Consolidation
Rule 66.02 Separate Trial

Rule 67. Dismissal Of Civil Actions

Rule 67.01 Dismissal Without Prejudice And With Prejudice
Rule 67.02 Voluntary Dismissal Effect Of
Rule 67.03 Involuntary Dismissal Effect Thereof
Rule 67.04 Dismissal Of Counterclaim, Cross-Claim Or Third-Party Claim Rules Applicable
Rule 67.05 Dismissal Of Plaintiff's Civil Action Effect On Counterclaim, Cross-Claim And Sanction Motion
Rule 67.06 Final Dismissal On Failure To Amend
Rule 67.07 Court May Make Order For Payment Of Unpaid Costs, When [Repealed]

Rule 68. Masters And Receivers

Rule 68.01 Masters In Circuit Courts
Rule 68.02 Receivers In Circuit Courts
Rule 68.03 Masters In Appellate Courts

Rule 69. Trial By Jury

Rule 69.01 Right Of Trial By Jury Waiver Agreement For
Rule 69.02 Handbook Of Information For Jurors
Rule 69.03 Juror Note-Taking

Rule 70. Instructions

Rule 70.01 Approval Of Instructions Effective Date Publication Procedure
Rule 70.02 Instructions To Juries
Rule 70.03 Objections To Instructions

Rule 71. Verdicts

Rule 71.01 Verdict Of Jury General Or Special
Rule 71.02 Jury Shall Render General Verdict When
Rule 71.03 Court May Direct Issues To Be Made, When
Rule 71.04 Issues To Be Made Only As Directed By Court
Rule 71.05 Issues, How Tried And Disposed Of
Rule 71.06 Jury Shall Assess Amount Of Recovery, When

Rule 72. Motion For A Directed Verdict And For Judgment Notwithstanding The Verdict

Rule 72.01 Motion For A Directed Verdict And For Judgment Notwithstanding The Verdict In A Jury Trial

Rule 73. Trial By Court

Rule 73.01 Trial Without Jury Or With An Advisory Jury Procedure

Rule 74. Judgments, Orders And Proceedings Thereon

Rule 74.01 Judgment
Rule 74.02 Order
Rule 74.03 Notice Of Entry Of Orders And Judgments
Rule 74.04 Summary Judgment
Rule 74.05 Entry Of Default Judgment
Rule 74.06 Relief From Judgment Or Order
Rule 74.07 Judgment For Specific Acts Vesting Title Delivery Of Possession
Rule 74.08 Lien Of Judgment
Rule 74.09 Revival Of Judgment
Rule 74.10 Revival Of Lien Of Judgment Intermediate Encumbrances
Rule 74.11 Satisfaction Of Judgment
Rule 74.12 Assignment Of Judgment
Rule 74.13 Transcript Of Judgment When Lien In Another County
Rule 74.14 Uniform Enforcement Of Foreign Judgments

Rule 75. Control Of Judgments

Rule 75.01 Judgments, Control By Trial Court

Rule 76. Executions

Rule 76.01 Application For Execution
Rule 76.02 Form Of Writ Of Execution
Rule 76.03 Execution Against Heirs
Rule 76.04 Execution When Returnable
Rule 76.05 How Directed And Executed
Rule 76.06 Levy How Made
Rule 76.07 When Levy Creates Lien
Rule 76.08 Receiver When Appointed
Rule 76.09 Election Of Property To Be Levied Upon
Rule 76.10 Who May Intervene
Rule 76.11 Execution On Real Estate Amount To Be Sold
Rule 76.12 Election Of Order Of Sale
Rule 76.13 Notice Of Sale Of Personal Property
Rule 76.14 Retention Of Personal Property Pending Sale
Rule 76.15 Execution Sales Of Land Where Held
Rule 76.16 Notice Of Sale
Rule 76.17 Notice To Person Whose Land Is Levied Upon
Rule 76.18 Sale How Conducted
Rule 76.19 Resale When Purchaser Fails To Pay Purchase Price
Rule 76.20 Sheriff Not To Purchase Property
Rule 76.21 Personal Property To Be Delivered Bill Of Sale Given, When
Rule 76.22 Assignment Of Security Or Share
Rule 76.23 Deed For Real Estate Sold Under Execution
Rule 76.24 Duties Of Sheriff To Be Performed By Successor
Rule 76.25 Stay Or Quashing Of Execution Bond
Rule 76.26 Breach Of Bond Judgment
Rule 76.27 Examination Of Judgment Debtor
Rule 76.28 Discovery In Aid Of Execution

Rule 77. Costs

Rule 77.01 Costs Recovery In Civil Actions
Rule 77.02 Security For Costs
Rule 77.03 Plaintiff May Sue As A Poor Person When
Rule 77.04 Offer Of Judgment Recovery Of Costs
Rule 77.05 Costs Review By Court
Rule 77.06 Execution For Costs

Rule 78. New Trials After-Trial Motions Preservation Of Error

Rule 78.01 Granting A New Trial
Rule 78.02 New Trial Against Weight Of Evidence Limitation
Rule 78.03 Order Granting New Trial Shall Specify Grounds
Rule 78.04 Motion For New Trial Time For Filing
Rule 78.05 After-Trial Motions, Including A Motion For A New Trial Based Upon Affidavits
Rule 78.06 When Motion For New Trial Overruled
Rule 78.07 Motion For New Trial In Jury Tried Cases Other Than Cases Tried With An Advisory Jury Allegations Of Error Required
Rule 78.08 New Trial Plain Errors May Be Considered
Rule 78.09 Exception Unnecessary To Rulings Or Orders Of The Court
Rule 78.10 Remittitur Effect Of Consenting To Remittitur

Rule 79. Assignment Of Judges In Case Of Disability

Rule 79.01 Other Judge Sitting In Or Assigned To Court May Perform Judge's Duties When

Rule 80. Assignment Of Judges In Case Of Disability

Rule 80.01 [Repealed]

Rule 81. Appeals

Rule 81.01 Right Of Appeal
Rule 81.02 Appeals Jointly Or Separately
Rule 81.03 Designation Of Parties On Appeal
Rule 81.04 Appeals, When And How Taken Cross Appeals Docket Fees
Rule 81.05 Judgments When Final Premature Filing Of Notice Of Appeal Computation Of Time
Rule 81.06 Judgments Separate Trials Of Claims Or Counterclaims [Repealed]
Rule 81.07 When Party May Appeal After Time For Filing Of Notice Has Expired
Rule 81.08 Notice Of Appeal Contents Jurisdictional Statement Required Trial Court Clerk To Notify, Whom
Rule 81.09 Appeals Shall Stay Execution, In What Cases Bond
Rule 81.10 When And Where Bond May Be Filed
Rule 81.11 Supersedeas Bond Enforcement Of
Rule 81.12 Contents Of The Record On Appeal Designation Of The Record On Appeal Compiling, Ordering, Filing And Service Of Recor
Rule 81.13 Agreed Statement As The Record On Appeal
Rule 81.14 The Record On Appeal, Multiple Appeals Form Of Record On Appeal
Rule 81.15 Certification Of Record On Appeal
Rule 81.16 Exhibits Records On Appeal Transcript, Exhibits Need Not Be Incorporated
Rule 81.17 Record On Appeal Reviewing Legal Effect Of Instructions, Evidence Not Necessary, When
Rule 81.18 Form Of Typewritten Transcripts And Other Documents
Rule 81.19 Time For Filing Of Record On Appeal
Rule 81.20 Record On Appeal Extension Or Reduction Of Time For Filing

Rule 82. Terms And Duties Of Chief Justice And Judges Of This Court And The Court Of Appeals Designation Of Court Of Appeals And

Rule 82.01 Terms And Duties Of Chief Justice And Presiding Judges Supreme Court
Rule 82.02 Court Of Appeals And Districts Terms And Duties Of Chief Judges Of The Court Of Appeals
Rule 82.03 State Courts Administrator
Rule 82.04 Compliance With Requests Of State Court Administrator For Information
Rule 82.05 Restrictions On Legal Personnel After Employment By A Court

Rule 83. Transfers From District Of Court Of Appeals To This Court And Related Matters Procedure In The Supreme Court

Rule 83.01 Transfer Upon Application Prior To Disposition By Court of Appeals
Rule 83.02 Transfer On Order Of Court Of Appeals
Rule 83.03 Transfer On Dissent Of Participating Judge
Rule 83.04 Transfer Upon Application Prior To Opinion
Rule 83.05 Application Form Contents
Rule 83.06 Notice to Parties - Counter - Suggestions Number Of Pages
Rule 83.07 Repealed
Rule 83.08 Transcripts Briefs In Cases Transferred After Opinion
Rule 83.09 Determination Of Cases Following Transfer
Rule 83.10 Transfer To Supreme Court En Banc

Rule 84. Procedure In All Appellate Courts

Rule 84.01 Motions, Pleadings And Other Papers Signatures, Notice And Service
Rule 84.02 Docketing Cases
Rule 84.03 Application For Certiorari To Correct Record On Appeal
Rule 84.04 Briefs Contents
Rule 84.05 Briefs When And By Whom Served And Filed
Rule 84.06 Form Of Printed Or Duplicated Briefs, Petitions, Motions, Transcripts, And Legal Files
Rule 84.07 Service Of Motions, Briefs, And Records On Appeal
Rule 84.08 Involuntary Dismissal Of Appeal Notices
Rule 84.09 Appeal Dismissal In Appellate Court
Rule 84.10 Motion To Dismiss Or Affirm Notice To Adverse Party [Repealed]
Rule 84.11 Notice, Service Of
Rule 84.12 Oral Argument
Rule 84.13 Allegations Of Error Considered Reversible Error
Rule 84.14 Disposition On Appeal
Rule 84.15 Decision Of Majority Of Judges Shall Be Decision Of Court
Rule 84.16 Opinion In Writing Memorandum Decisions And Written Orders When Filed How Endorsed And Transmitted
Rule 84.17 Motions For Rehearing
Rule 84.18 Costs Of Record On Appeal When Allowed
Rule 84.19 Damages For Frivolous Appeals
Rule 84.20 Letters To Court
Rule 84.21 Allowances To Garnishees
Rule 84.22 Granting Original Writs
Rule 84.23 Return Of Original Writs
Rule 84.24 Procedure As To Original Writs
Rule 84.25 Number Of Copies To Be Filed In This Court
Rule 84.26 Number Of Copies To Be Filed In Court Of Appeals
Rule 84.27 Failure To Perfect Appeal [Repealed]
Rule 84.28 Execution Or Remand By Appellate Court Costs

Rule 85. Attachments

Rule 85.01 Definitions
Rule 85.02 Availability Of Attachment
Rule 85.03 Affidavit To Obtain Writ Of Attachment
Rule 85.04 Issuance Of Writ Of Attachment
Rule 85.05 Form Of Writ Of Attachment
Rule 85.06 How Directed And Executed
Rule 85.07 Service Of Writ And Notice
Rule 85.08 Claimant To Furnish Bond Exception Conditions Of Bond
Rule 85.09 Owner Of Property May Post Bond Condition Of Bond
Rule 85.10 Nonowner Of Property May Post Bond When Condition Of Bond
Rule 85.11 Inadequate Bond
Rule 85.12 Qualification Of Sureties
Rule 85.13 Hearing On Propriety Of Attachment
Rule 85.14 Dissolution Of Attachment
Rule 85.15 Contents Of Judgment
Rule 85.16 Post-Trial Procedure Appeal
Rule 85.17 Bonds Continue When
Rule 85.18 Multiple Attachments Priorities How And Where Resolved
Rule 85.19 Multiple Attachments Issues Who May Raise
Rule 85.20 Who May Intervene
Rule 85.21 Manner Of Attaching Property
Rule 85.22 Receiver When Appointed
Rule 85.23 Prejudgment Sale Of Personal Property
Rule 85.24 Who May Sue On Bond

Rule 86. Condemnation Proceedings

Rule 86.01 Scope
Rule 86.02 Venue
Rule 86.03 Parties
Rule 86.04 Petition Contents
Rule 86.05 Summons, When To Issue, How Served Publication, When
Rule 86.06 Appointment Of Commissioners Duties Of Standard For Damages
Rule 86.07 Different Owners May Be Joined In One Petition
Rule 86.08 Clerk To Give Notice Of Filing Report Exceptions To Report , When Filed, Effect
Rule 86.09 Costs, By Whom Paid
Rule 86.10 Interest How Recovered

Rule 87. Declaratory Judgments

Rule 87.01 Courts May Grant Declaratory Judgments
Rule 87.02 Who May Obtain Declaration Of Right Or Other Legal Relations
Rule 87.03 Contract May Be Construed When
Rule 87.04 Joinder Of Parties Municipalities Attorney General
Rule 87.05 "Person" Defined
Rule 87.06 Issue Of Fact How Tried
Rule 87.07 Judgment Discretionary
Rule 87.08 Form And Effect Of Declaratory Judgment
Rule 87.09 Award Of Costs
Rule 87.10 Further Relief May Be Granted, When Procedure
Rule 87.11 Review Of Judgments And Decrees Under This Rule

Rule 88. Dissolution, Legal Separation And Child Support

Rule 88.01 Presumed Child Support Amount
Rule 88.02 Mediation Authorized
Rule 88.03 Mediation Of Child Custody And Visitation Mediation Defined
Rule 88.04 Mediation When Ordered Appointment Of Mediator
Rule 88.05 Mediation Qualifications Of The Mediator
Rule 88.06 Mediation Duties Of The Mediator
Rule 88.07 Termination Of Mediation
Rule 88.08 Confidentiality

Rule 89. Ejectment

Rule 89.01 Procedure Service Of Process

Rule 90. Garnishments And Sequestration

Rule 90.01 Definitions
Rule 90.02 Costs And Allowances
Rule 90.03 Service On Garnishee - Return Of Service - Return Date - Service Of Subsequent Pleadings And Papers
Rule 90.04 Effect Of Service Of Writ Of Garnishment And Summons
Rule 90.05 Request For Immediate Delivery Of Property To Sheriff - Order Of Delivery
Rule 90.06 Delivery Bond Of Garnishee - Form Of - Effect Of Filing - Insufficient Bond - Hearing
Rule 90.07 Interrogatories To Garnishee - Answers To Interrogatories - Exceptions - Response
Rule 90.08 Court Order To Answer Interrogatories
Rule 90.09 Claims Of Third Parties - Notice - Intervention
Rule 90.10 Discharge Of Garnishee - Judgment In Garnishment
Rule 90.11 Disbursement
Rule 90.12 Costs And Allowances
Rule 90.13 Execution Against Garnishee
Rule 90.14 Garnishment Of Wages In Aid Of Attachment
Rule 90.15 Garnishment Of Wages - Notice Of Wage Exemption Statute Required
Rule 90.16 Compensation Of State And Municipal Employees Subject To Writ Of Sequestration

Rule 91. Habeas Corpus

Rule 91.01 Habeas Corpus General Who May Petition For Form Of Action
Rule 91.02 Petition To What Court First Made
Rule 91.03 Petition By Whom Made
Rule 91.04 Petition Contents Attachments
Rule 91.05 Writ Or Show Cause Order To Be Granted Without Delay
Rule 91.06 Writ Shall Issue Without Petition When
Rule 91.07 Form Of Writ Or Order To Whom Directed
Rule 91.08 Service Of Writ Or Order
Rule 91.09 Answer Time For Contents Attachments
Rule 91.10 Pleadings Amendments And Supplementation
Rule 91.11 Person Restrained To Be Produced With Answer To Petition Exception Custody Pending Judgment
Rule 91.12 Reply To Answer
Rule 91.13 Disobedience Of Writ Further Proceedings
Rule 91.14 Condition Of Release
Rule 91.15 Time Of Hearing
Rule 91.16 Production Of Restrained Person At Hearing
Rule 91.17 Duty Of Court On Final Hearing
Rule 91.18 Order Of Discharge
Rule 91.19 Order Of Discharge How Enforced
Rule 91.20 Order Of Remand Or Other Disposition
Rule 91.21 Warrant In Lieu Of Writ
Rule 91.22 Second Writ Not To Issue By Lower Court
Rule 91.23 Certain Persons Not Entitled To Discharge

Rule 92. Injunctions

Rule 92.01 Who May Grant
Rule 92.02 Preliminary Injunction Temporary Restraining Order; Notice; Hearing; Duration Bond Form And Scope Of Injunction Or Re
Rule 92.03 Injunction Pending Appeal
Rule 92.04 Power Of Appellate Court Not Limited

Rule 93. Land Titles

Rule 93.01 Procedure Service Of Process

Rule 94. Mandamus

Rule 94.01 Mandamus General
Rule 94.02 Forms Of Action Parties
Rule 94.03 Petition In Mandamus Contents Exhibits
Rule 94.04 Grant Of Preliminary Order
Rule 94.05 Preliminary Order Contents Service
Rule 94.06 Mandamus Against Judge Of Court Of Record
Rule 94.07 Answer Motions

Rule 95. Change Of Name

Rule 95.01 Petition For Change Of Name Contents
Rule 95.02 Joint Petition For Family
Rule 95.03 Petition For Change Of A Minor's Name Notice To Or Consent Of Parents
Rule 95.04 Order Of Change Of Name When
Rule 95.05 Publication Of Notice Of Change Of Name

Rule 96. Partition Of Real And Personal Property

Rule 96.01 Right To Partition In General
Rule 96.02 Service Of Process
Rule 96.03 Burdensome And Unprofitable Estates Sale
Rule 96.04 Parties
Rule 96.05 Petition Contents
Rule 96.06 Who Shall Be Made Parties
Rule 96.07 Partition Not To Be Made Contrary To Will
Rule 96.08 Interests Of Parties To Be Determined
Rule 96.09 Several Shares May Be Set Off Together
Rule 96.10 When Parties Claim Adversely How Court Shall Proceed
Rule 96.11 Court May Order Sale Without Appointment Of Commissioners
Rule 96.12 Court Shall Appoint Commissioners When
Rule 96.13 Compensation Of Commissioners And Surveyors
Rule 96.14 Commissioners To Make Affidavit And Give Notice To Parties
Rule 96.15 Commissioners' Report
Rule 96.16 Clerk To Give Notice Of Filing Of Report Exceptions To Report, When Filed
Rule 96.17 Copy Of Report And Judgment To Be Recorded
Rule 96.18 Court May Order Sale Of Land When
Rule 96.19 Order Of Sale
Rule 96.20 Where Sale Shall Be Held
Rule 96.21 Notice Of Sale
Rule 96.22 Order Of Sale Shall Be Renewed When
Rule 96.23 Land May Be Sold In Parcels When
Rule 96.24 Sheriff Or Commissioner To Collect Purchase Money And Make Deed To Purchaser
Rule 96.25 Defective Deed To Be Corrected How
Rule 96.26 Sheriff's Report Contents
Rule 96.27 Proceeds Of Sale How Disbursed
Rule 96.28 Adverse Claim To Proceeds Procedure
Rule 96.29 Proceeds Of Partition Sale Subject To Debts Of Estate
Rule 96.30 Court Shall Allow Fees, Costs And Expenses
Rule 96.31 Bond Of Commissioner Appointed To Sell Land
Rule 96.32 Partition Of Personal Property

Rule 97. Prohibition

Rule 97.01 Prohibition General
Rule 97.02 Form Of Action Parties
Rule 97.03 Petition In Prohibition Contents Exhibits
Rule 97.04 Grant Of Preliminary Order
Rule 97.05 Preliminary Order Contents Service
Rule 97.06 Prohibition Against Judge Of Court Of Record
Rule 97.07 Answer Motions

Rule 98. Quo Warranto

Rule 98.01 Quo Warranto General
Rule 98.02 Form Of Action Parties
Rule 98.03 Petition In Quo Warranto Contents Exhibits
Rule 98.04 Grant Of Preliminary Order
Rule 98.05 Preliminary Order Contents
Rule 98.06 Answer Motions

Rule 99. Replevin

Rule 99.01 Action In Replevin
Rule 99.02 Service Of Process
Rule 99.03 Affidavit To Obtain Immediate Possession Of Property
Rule 99.04 Order Of Delivery
Rule 99.05 Prejudgment Seizure Notice Required
Rule 99.06 Delivery Bond Form Of Effect Of Filing
Rule 99.07 Redelivery Bond Form Of
Rule 99.08 Redelivery Bond Effect Of Filing
Rule 99.09 Hearing On Right To Possession When Time For
Rule 99.10 Qualifications Of Sureties
Rule 99.11 Insufficient Bond Procedure
Rule 99.12 Party And Sureties, If Any Findings And Judgment
Rule 99.13 Election Of Prevailing Party When And How Made
Rule 99.14 Court To Allow Charges For Taking And Delivering Property
Rule 99.15 Execution For Delivery How Issued And Governed

Rule 100. Judicial Review Of Administrative Decisions

Rule 100.01 Review In Circuit Court
Rule 100.02 Review In Appellate Courts

Rule 101. Mechanics' And Materialmen's Lien

Rules 101.01 To 101.21 [Repealed]
Rule 102. Estates Of Decedents, Incompetents And Minors Will Contest
Rule 102.01 [Repealed]

Form No. 1. Summons
Form No. 2. Third-Party Summons
Form No. 3. Attachment And Summons [Repealed]
Form No. 4. Summons Upon Service By Mail (Registered Or Certified)
Form No. 4-A. Summons For Service By First Class Mail
Form No. 4-B. Notice And Acknowledgment For Service By Mail (Circuit Division Cases)
Form No. 4-C. Notice And Acknowledgment For Service By Mail (Chapter 517 Cases)
Form No. 5. Summons For Personal Service Outside The State Of Missouri (Except Attachment Action)
Form No. 6. Summons For Personal Service Outside The State Of Missouri (Chapter 517 Rsmo Actions Only)
Form No. 6-A. Order For Service By Publication Of Notice
Form No. 6-B. Notice Upon Order For Service By Publication
Form No. 7. Motion For Substitution
Form No. 8-A. Notice Of Appeal To Supreme Court Of Missouri
Form No. 8-B. Notice Of Appeal To Missouri Court Of Appeals
Form No. 8-C. Notice Of Appeal To Missouri Court Of Appeals
Form No. 9. Appeal Bond
Form No. 10. Preliminary Order In Mandamus
Form No. 11. Preliminary Order In Prohibition
Form No. 12. Preliminary Order In Quo Warranto
Form No. 13. Interrogatories To Garnishee
Form No. 14. Presumed Child Support Amount Calculation Worksheet
Form No. 15. Cover Page For Application For Transfer Filed In The Supreme Court Of Missouri